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Why Update Your House Using Tecnocemento?

We are enjoying the first bits of summer, days are getting longer and vacations are coming. However, during these days, apart from enjoying the sun, the beach or swimming pool, we’ve been able to see

A Luxury Attic with a Combination of Surprising Materials

In home decor the use of microcement is becoming more popular thanks to its wide range of possibilities. In the attic of Alicante that we’ll discuss today, the product has been used intensely in

TECNOCEMENTO PLUS – A Material that Makes a Difference

Home decor isn’t only about choosing a style or incorporating elements that combine with your room. You also have to know how to choose materials for a home that are resistant, high-quality and offer

Microcement: The secret to giving your kitchen an industrial feel

Home decor can be different in many ways and although the main rooms are the living room or the bedrooms, we mustn’t forget the kitchen decoration. One of the most popular trends this year is the

At Tecnocemento we have everything you need for all of your interior design projects

For any home decoration project, it is advisable to not just focus on the current trends, but to focus on expressing our own personal style and sense of aesthetics.

Tips to make your decor the focal point in any space

The world of home decoration changes constantly. A traditional return to origins and all the latest trends in graphic design and fashion can all serve as inspiration for architects.

Learn all about the Tecnocemento products that are extremely helpful in creating the perfect ambiance while decorating

Home decoration is a service that is highly sort after at the moment. The demands of homeowners when contracting a decorating service are increasing. The work of interior designers when undertaking

How to get a more resistant finish with Tecnocemento

If you are looking for a new decoration in your home you should look to the new inspiration for modern architects: microcement.

5 Tecnocemento projects that boast a stunningly natural and pure aesthetic

The materials used to create Tecnocemento are natural and pure, some of the most organic materials that can be used in home decoration. Made from water-based resins, cement and mineral pigments we

Is microcement resistant?

One may wonder: is microcement resistant? The answer a very clear: It definitely is, though everything depends on the surface on which the work is carried out, in addition to the finish and the

Noticias de Tecnocemento

Las últimas novedades de Tecnocemento, microcementos de alta calidad para decoración de fachadas, suelo y otras superficies interiores y exteriores, a tu disposición en este apartado de la web.