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A Luxury Attic with a Combination of Surprising Materials

In home decor the use of microcement is becoming more popular thanks to its wide range of possibilities. In the attic of Alicante that we’ll discuss today, the product has been used intensely in different spaces—an inspiration for architects and interior-design lovers.

Attic lounge reformed with microcement coated on the floor.

The most avant-garde architecture projects are using microcement in homes as the main element. Made of a cement base, mineral pigments, water-based resins and additives, it is a perfect material for both indoors and outdoors. It adjusts to any surface without any complications since it doesn’t need expansion joints and can be perfectly placed on tiles, marble, ceramic, concrete, etc. Therefore, it is easy to apply as well as to clean and maintain.


Toilet with cascade shower with microcement coated walls

In this case, the material has been used to coat the bathroom walls, the kitchen and the floor of the entire home. Likewise, it has been used as a coating in some of the room doors. With this we can prove not only the material’s versatility, but also its high resistance to any type of circumstances.


This is seen especially in the case of the bathrooms. Without a doubt, they are the area’s most humid and exposed to warm temperatures in the entire house. Thus, Tecnocemento is a safe and reliable alternative: it’s waterproof, anti-slip and repeals all type of germs and bacteria. These features are very useful both in homes and in kitchens that are constantly used and need maintenance.

As regards aesthetics, a large amount of the finishes obtained, result in clean, elegant and redefined spaces. Thanks to the lack of joints, it’s possible to create a continuous space, as well as extend the home’s depth. Moreover, with different textures, surfaces and colors we add different touches in each project.


Bedroom with walls covered with microcement.

The company in charge of remolding this home is Sector Obra—designed and conducted by Tomás Amat Architecture Studio. Concerning the application of Tecnocemento, it has entirely been carried out by competent professionals. The project involved the remodeling of an apartment in a building belonging to the 50’s. To avoid risks and incidents during the process, the space was adequately prepared. All the walls were demolished, and the distribution was redesigned using cardboard and plaster panels. Regarding the application of the product, it was done over the existing terrazzo pavement.

View of the reformed living room with microcement floor that gives way to the terrace.

Microcement used in the remolding of houses is a glimpse into the future. It allows an enormous variety of colors and textures to create surfaces resistant to dents, scratches and their normal wear. This decorative coating offers many options and this home is a clear example.



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