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TECNOCEMENTO PLUS – A Material that Makes a Difference

Home decor isn’t only about choosing a style or incorporating elements that combine with your room. You also have to know how to choose materials for a home that are resistant, high-quality and offer style. One of these options –maybe one that is not that known but will surely stand out– is microcement for homes. Its possibilities go beyond construction, especially in aesthetics.


Microcement in Houses: Surfaces

Household surfaces often go unnoticed or are not given the value they deserve. However, applying a material that provides strength and quality ensures not only greater durability, but adds more style to your home, as in the case of TECNOCEMENTO PLUS. There is no need for complex renovation works when applying microcement and, for this reason, it is becoming an inspiration for architects.


If variety is your greatest concern, TECNOCEMENTO PLUS is made up of a series of cements and aggregates that allow a more complete and varied series of finishes and textures to choose the most suitable one. In addition, these elements allow the final result to be more natural and have a different personality in each home.

With a thickness of 2 to 3 millimetres, the combination of resins and cement createan abrasion-resistant layer that does not wear or cracks over time, and it doesn’t deteriorate.

Its maintenance is quite simple. Only by using neutral soaps you can get a clean surface every day. You can also use wet cloths or waxes.


Where can I apply TECNOCEMENTO PLUS?

Coatings and surfaces were mentioned earlier: both walls and floors are suitable for this application, as long as it’s indoor and avoids humidity and water.

Areas where the application of this microcement is most recommended in homes is living, dining and multi-purpose rooms. In other words, to achieve an open space feel, it can be applied in a room connected with an arch to the kitchen or to a dining room. This way, symmetry and harmony will be the stars of your home. This style is used to a large extent in loft architecture projects of unified spaces where you want to incorporate an elegant and industrial style.

Microcement is a perfect way of renovating your home and give it an elegancy, resistance and complete fresh style. A perfect way to take care of the house with a great aesthetic value while adding beauty and harmony.


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