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Why Update Your House Using Tecnocemento?

We are enjoying the first bits of summer, days are getting longer and vacations are coming. However, during these days, apart from enjoying the sun, the beach or swimming pool, we’ve been able to see in what ways we can improve our chalet, cottage or second residence.

Living room with window at the back next to a wooden dining table with 6 chairs. In the foreground there is a larger wooden chair on a grey Tecnocemento floor surface.

Now with summer around the corner, the season to cover new projects begins and there is no better time to start than now.

Maybe an accident has occurred to the floor of your place or maybe the access to your pool is not the best conditions and you want to change this situation. That's why it's a good time to give a bit more insight why you should take into consideration TECNOCEMENTO microcement when renovating your home.

Lately, surfaces made of microcement are a trend and allow a total renovation of the spaces, if you want to bet on a modern and avant-garde design for your chalet or country house. TECNOCEMENTO® microcement is a smooth and polished coating that offers good adhesion on different surfaces, for any room in your home (bathrooms, kitchen, living room, outdoor porch, etc.).


TECNOCEMENTO® puts at your disposal the best ranges its 4 systems so that you can build the house of your dreams:

Home common area with an enclosed centered space with grey microcement walls and doors. TECNOCEMENTO® HOME system: Covering with a base of cement and resin, with a total thickness of less than 1.5 mm, and high aesthetic value. Indicated for smooth vertical applications, it is a product that does not need joints, so it is possible to obtain continuous finishes of great dimensions and great aesthetic. It is particularly suitable for renovations where plasterboard panels (Pladur type) or smooth plaster or wood walls are installed, and regularization layers are not necessary. Its natural origin gives it a differentiating appearance with a large number of textures and colors, achieving an appearance of continuity but with great depth. In addition, its various finishes allow us to obtain different shades in the final result.

Aisle leading to a salon with a uniform grey marble microcement floor.




TECNOCEMENTO® PLUS system: This material is slightly thicker (2-3 mm) than the HOME, but it has greater resistance. It is a material suitable for application on any type of surface such as terrazzo, stoneware, tiles, cements, glues, self-levelling, etc. This material can be used for both vertical and horizontal works and preferably indoors with no contact with water. The mixtures of cement, sand and gravel enable spectacular and very heterogeneous finishes both regarding texture and color.



Large shower with grey microcement coating on wall and floor.




TECNOCEMENTO® IMPER system: However, if you want to give a special touch to your bathroom, this is the right material for you. This microcement with a thickness of less than 3 mm is ideal for walls and floors that may come into contact with water or wet areas (shower trays, shower enclosures and washbasins). It is also possible to apply this material in outdoor areas such as facades and terraces.





Exterior area with light grey microcement floor and two armchairs with a central table in front of a window.






TECNOCEMENTO® INDUSTRY system: Designed for outdoor and highly busy areas. If you wish to obtain a homogeneous space in your renovation, with an aesthetic where simplicity and industrial sensation prevail, this should be your choice.




If you are already awed with the beauty and functionality of the microcement you will like this: in addition to the advantages already mentioned, let’s not forget about its easy application, which allows you to apply up to 60m2 in one day / layer.

And you don't have to take care of anything, since this is carried out by our specialized personnel, who have been trained by technicians from our company to ensure the perfect finish and product’s functionality.

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